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Cook’s Roofing Company in South Carolina is a family-owned and operated business which has been serving the residential and commercial properties since 1981. 

Their excellent roofing services led to many referrals from satisfied South Carolina’s residents and many businesses. They are believed to be one of the trustworthy roofing contractors.

In case you’re worried about the coming weather, just contact us now, and leave the rest to us. We are pretty familiar with your property’s maintenance needs from siding, window to complete roof replacement.

Roofing Company in South Carolina


Cook's Roofing Company offers residential roof replacement and roof repair services throughout South Carolina. We provide siding, windows, and gutter services with a quality roof installation that would enhance and secure your home for the subsequent years.

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Your roofing contractor in South Carolina has expertise in commercial roofing solutions that offers decades of leak-free protection for your business property. The Cook Roofing has been providing commercial roof services for the past 39 years.

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You can expect your roofing contractor to provide you with modern roofing techniques and guaranteed work. Oftentimes, lousy quality material used by local roofer results in a severe roof collapse. Your roofing contractors should only make use of perdurable materials for repair so that the roof can survive uncertain weather conditions and have a prolonged age. Our roofing company responsibly works to provide you a complete roofing solution. We rehabilitate the broken roof from inside and out with cautiousness and care.

Moreover, we accommodate clients with regular maintenance checks and minor repairs. Our SC roofing service helps you with everything: roof repairs or a complete replacement roofing. You can rely on our South Carolina’s roofing company for your home renovations or even establish new residential or commercial buildings. Our local roofer takes minimal time for roof installation to make the process speedy and efficient. Our roof company realizes the importance of a durable roof to keep your house protected. We believe in providing the most plausible services so that your timely investment can save huge unforeseen losses. Our roof company does not only offer commendable services, but we also provide valuable consultation to our clients to cater our clients’ needs and ultimately suggest the best suitable options.


Cook’s Roofing Company in South Carolina has a vast range of roofing types and services that allow you to single-source your home exterior remodeling needs. We offer expert roof installation for both shingled and metal roofs; plus, we provide financing to make your home’s remodeling hassle-free for you.

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Roofing companies in South Carolina provide roofing accommodations throughout the year so that you can deal with skeptical weather conditions with facileness. Access rain or humid climate causes the moisture, which is harmful to your roof; this might result in cracks or even leakage in the commercial or residential roof. Our roofers in South Carolina, with the help of their prodigious experience, can tackle all the roofing issues to save your roof. We have the best roofing contractors in town, equipped with durable material and reliable services to offer you the best packages at the most reasonable rates. Our dedicated roofing company never compromises on quality.

Our roofing consultant can investigate the fundamental cause of roofing issues and, with the remarkable workmanship, uses modern techniques to help overcome the problem. We provide the utmost durability to increase the lifespan of the roof and ensure your safety. The roofing company in Carolina gives the most attention to the inspection, since congruous review can solve any difficulty related to roofing issues. A persistent examination will detect any minor problem in the initial stage to be rectified as soon as possible to avoid further damage. As a local roofer, we suggest keeping a check on the condition of your roof to obviate investing in an entire roofing replacement and instead get the problem fine-tuned in the commencement.



Cook’s Roofing makes sure to offer you the most experienced and knowledgeable roofers in assistance to tackle all your roofing needs. Our company recruits remarkable roofers. We believe in providing training necessarily to each member of our team, mainly according to their specialization, which includes: residential roofing, commercial roofing, or specialty roofing.


Our promising and skilled craftsmen and legendary service is a philosophy in its own. It is not just an ordinary tagline, but it shows our commitment and dedication towards our services. All our team members, may it be our roofers, technicians, or managers, are highly motivated individuals capable of working in various work environments. They work energetically to provide the best roofing accommodations to our valuable clients.


Integrity is the foremost attribute that makes our contractor distinctive and builds a significant trust relationship between our customers and roofers. Supremely, we value all our clients and give them high regard. Our team provides roofing services such as roof repair, roof replacement, replacing shingles, and a lot other. We will facilitate you in the best possible way for favorable results in the end and long term success.


We never compromise on our employees’ safety, and in order to ensure a safe working environment for them, we have initiated a ‘safety first’ program that is specifically implemented to provide our employees with commendable safety training and necessary safety gear in accordance to standard regulations, so that our working conditions are improved, and our dedicated workers feel safe at the site.


Our mission statement states that our assurance of continued quality is guaranteed; this pretty much sums up how dedicated and committed we are toward our roofing industry. We provide a ten-year guarantee of our work, and offer quick assistance if any unforeseen event occurs. This makes us a reliable company working for long-term success rather than short-term satisfaction.


We strive hard to bring continual improvement at work. We promote the best practices, and our friendly work environment allows the utmost engagement, which supports learning to a great extent. We believe in bringing change and trending modifications in work practices. We encourage learning to enhance the experience and make our company even better with every milestone ahead.


Many people prefer seeking help from local roofers. Firstly, they are easy to access, and accountability is comparatively higher when your roofing consultant is local. You can take timely action in the state of emergency if your preferred roof company is located nearby. The prices of materials and their availability depend upon your locality. Local roofers in South Carolina would have a better understanding of the local market, which will benefit you immensely once you choose to have them as your service providers. SC roofing is not just a service, but it is an integral part of safety and protection of your most significant investment: your own home. One time proper investment in durable roofing will, eventually, save a lot of money, which is otherwise spent on frequent repairs and roof replacements. 

Selecting one suitable option for your roofing amongst various service providers can be daunting, but you should always choose an experienced company to avoid future problems. Our roofing company in South Carolina offers remarkable solutions for roof repairs and replacement. We have experienced consultants with astonishing craftsmanship and expertise in the field. They believe in providing the best services and go through a proper procedure, including multiple steps. We never choose a shortcut to preserve time; we are quite vigilant of the adverse effects of doing so, and instead, we utilize our professional knowledge for utmost customer gratification. We value our customers and work with dedication and commitment to keep them satisfied, building trust and loyalty. The faith of our clients keeps us motivated to provide the best services in South Carolina.

Importance of Roof Inspection

Roof inspection plays a vital role in enhancing the lifespan of your roof, may it be commercial or residential.  At times, visible damage starts to develop on your roof in the form of various cracks or huge patches of moisture; you can easily detect the cause in such situations. However, in most cases, the roofing starts to expire without even having visible changes. To detect and cater to these problems, you might need help from a professional roofing company in South Carolina. A roof inspection is a technical process that includes investigation about the roof’s structure, condition of tiles, the crackling of shingles, and much more. Local roofers use professional equipment to assist the current state of your roof and then implement essential steps required to make the situation better or improve your roof’s health.

With heavy-duty inspection equipment, the roofers conveniently detect minor issues that are not obvious but are harmful to the roof in the longer term, such as the level of trapped moisture, leakage of gas, and destroyed flashings across the roof. Oftentimes, people are reluctant to seek help from professional roofers until the situation gets out of hand; this will never save money; instead, it will result in huge losses later on. On the other hand, conducting a roof assessment once a year will not only increase the expiration date of your roof, but it will also save a lot of money and future disasters.

Causes of a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can be an alarming situation for house residents or commercial owners; the foremost step to be taken in such a condition is to get in touch with a reliable roofing contractor immediately. A leaking roof can lead to innumerable problems, the issue needs to be sorted out rapidly, or else it can result in mold or moisture in the walls across the house. In a more severe situation, the excess moisture can result in disastrous effects such as short circuit in the wiring or roof collapse. There are various causes for leakage in the roof, including cracked shingles, worn out flashings, the expiry date of roof, unnecessary clogging of moisture, broken membrane, and significant cracks in the roof structure. The roof is made up of different components, and cracks and breakage in any one of them impact adversely on its longevity.  Sometimes, the gutters or drainage pipes moving along the roof are blocked; this clogging stops the rainwater from draining away, which gives birth to the most common cause of roof leakage.

Furthermore, uncertain weather conditions or harsh climate often develop small holes in the roof and these tiny holes soak water, resulting in seepage, which is another issue that eventually leads to leaking of the roof. Another problem associated with roof leakage is the cracked vents; your roof contains vents with pipelines that can crack with time if they are not appropriately maintained. If you note any of these problems, you should call roofers for help before any serious damage arises. Roof leakage is not only dangerous for your house, but many health issues are also associated with it. It is better to get rid of any roof issues instantly before the problem gets irreversible.

When do you need Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is a complete abstraction of the currently installed roof and superseding it with an alternate new roof. Replacement roofing is a hectic and time-consuming process carried out by a team of professional roofers. The whole process includes the extraction of the previous roof; it is pulled out and chipped off from the ceiling. Then new shingles and underlayment are attached, and, gradually, other components are installed to construct a brand new roof. We use the most high-quality, durable material to make a reliable roof with an extended lifespan. It is advisable to carry out annual inspections and roof checks to investigate your roof’s condition.

Regular maintenance of the roof will keep it in a workable and adequately functioning condition. The roofing experts will detect the root cause and identify the problems associated with it. They will also try to solve them. If it is not possible, they will accommodate you with the replacement of your roof accordingly. Sometimes your roof gets destroyed to the extent that it becomes impossible for roofers to repair it. In this situation, it is always suggested to invest in replacement roofing. In some cases, the roof shingles are entirely shattered, or the decks in the roof are exhausted, which makes replacement of roof, a necessity, and leaves you with no other choice. Installation of a new roof is quite expensive if we compare it to a regular roof repair, which can be done at a nominal price. Sometimes, investing in repairs is not a solution, and the roof gets leakages again and again until it is entirely replaced.

When to make Roof Repairs

Your roofing consultant will identify even the tiniest of problems and indicate when roof repairs become essential. It is preferable to invest in regular maintenance to avoid frequent replacement of roofs. The maintenance and minute repairs will prolong your commercial or residential roof’s age, which will save you from several unrealized disasters and future inconvenience. The regular repair will require periodic investment, but you should consider the fact that it saves a lot of money in the long term by preventing you from huge losses. Roofing repairs are much more affordable than complete replacement of a roof, so you should make a wise decision when initially minor damages start to show up on your roof. The most suitable time to get your roof repaired is mid-summer; this is when the weather is dry, making the repairing process easier. However, in winter, it is cold and snowy, which makes the process nearly impossible.

Furthermore, there is a massive risk of precipitation and drizzle rest of the year, which again causes humidity and moisture due to which the repairs remain wet, which makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Often, the flashings crack a bit, or the shingles start to split, but the damage does not cause seepage or visible effects. In such situation, you don’t need to replace the roof; instead, you can simply go for repairs. This will fix your problem without disturbing your budget, and your roof will get back to its normal condition.