5 Signs it is Time to Get a Roof Inspection

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofers for your roof inspection.”


An essential part of home maintenance is its roof inspection. The longer you put off your repair job, the more areas this problem spreads into. Therefore, in order to avoid this hassle, we have curated a roof inspection checklist that will guide you when your roof inspection is due.

First thing on our roof inspection checklist is annual checkup of your roof: if you’ve ever asked yourself how often should you schedule inspection of your roof, the answer is at least once every year. The annual inspection allows you to better understand the condition of your roof, making timely decisions on whether you need repairing or redoing the whole roof. Roof inspection service charges vary from company to company so you need to budget for annual inspection of your roof next time you are planning your financials.

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer for your roof inspection.”

If you’ve never had an inspection before, it is high time that you do it right now to have a perfect maintenance of your building’s roof. Whether you’ve moved into a previously owned home or you simply can’t remember the last time you had your roof inspected, it is imperative that you call a roof inspection service to take a look at your house condition.

Unstable weather conditions: if your area has been dealing with unfortunate weather conditions like heavy storms/hailstorms etc., you are overdue to on the inspection service. Hailstorms can not only damage the roof but can also weaken window joints and other weaker areas of the house. Rooms that are connected to the outer walls are at risk of being damaged; therefore, inspection is vital for proper room maintenance.

A visibly damaged roof or wall isn’t always indicative of greater damage. Sometimes roofs and walls are eaten from the inside silently and without any notice, and only when it’s too late is when most home owners realize the gravity of the catastrophe. Therefore, timely home inspection after unusual weather conditions is necessary.

Next point on our roof inspection checklist is for people who have recently moved in to a new home, or they are selling their old house. As a new resident, you never know about the condition of your new roof no matter how well the previous owners have maintained it. So for the overall health of your house and for all the room maintenance, call a trustworthy roofing inspection service to take a look. 

For the sellers who are selling their home, a brand new roofing job could double the value of your house. Even if your house was built long time ago, a new roof with proper flashing and new shingles would attract casual buyers and up the resale value. Last point on this checklist is quite obvious but should never be ignored. It’s when you see some visible damage on the roof. A missing shingle, wear and tear on your metallic flashing, visibly damaged downspouts and gutters are all signs that you should immediately look for a professional to come take a look. 

A reputable professional in this field would then diagnose whether you need repairing, which is the cheaper option or you need to redo your roof, in which case the budget would be adequately high. However, you shouldn’t delay your inspection in the fear of high expenses because the problem will only get deeper the longer you wait.