How to Find a Roof Leak

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer for a perfect roof inspection.”


Roof leak is a common housing problem that’s mostly an issue during rainy season and if left untreated can cause serious damage down the road. If you own a house, you should always be vigilant about it, and an essential part of roof leak detection is its early identification, which helps with roof leak repair before things get worse. In this article, we will go over few identification methods for roof leak detection.

Roof leak often starts from the outside but its identification is entirely possible from both inside and outside the house. At the inside of the house, you should look for the dark spots. These are the areas where water has accumulated and if left untouched or untreated can ultimately collapse the whole roof.

There are ways of roof leak repair, and they vary on the basis of their severity. Dark spots are quite common during the winter and rainy season. If the problem doesn’t look that bad based on the visual inspection, you can just poke a hole in the middle of the dark spot for the water to drain and not accumulate in the ceiling. And when the weather condition has settled down, a professional can repair it.

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer for a perfect roof inspection.”

Another thing to look out for are the spots that shine light through them. This is usually seen in the attic spaces of homes and is indicative of water seeping through the outside walls. If outside light doesn’t shine, you can use a flashlight and see if there is any reflection. On the outside, however, damage is almost certainly very visual. Extra accessories attached to the ceiling such as chimneys, air ways, windows usually develop gaps where it is attached to the ceiling (seam). These gaps can let the water through which slowly creeps in to the central ceiling part of the home. If these gaps aren’t looked after at regular intervals, you might have to set aside a hefty amount of money for roof leak repair cost. Shingles are another cue for leaking on the roof. If the shingles are visibly damaged, that means they are leaking water through. This is a very common problem and can be dealt with using new shingles. Similarly, clogged gutters and downspouts are ignored most of the times but they pose a significant threat to the ceiling’s structural integrity. Debris accumulated in the gutters provide a hindrance in water flow so it tries to find different route to escape often ending up in the seams of walls and ceilings. If identified earlier on, you can save a lot of money on roof leak repair cost, otherwise, the whole ceiling might need a redoing.

However, finding a roof leak doesn’t mean the end of the world. many products (such as roof sealants) exist to immediately counter the problem. These solutions can be applied by yourself or by a professional, although, hiring a professional for the job is always recommended.

First thing you need to do is locate the source of the leak. Once you’ve located the source, it is essential to have it fixed. From the inside, if you’ve found dark spots, punch a hole through them using a screw driver to let the water escape. Collect the drain water by putting a bucket under it. Once you have taken the temporary precautions, call our services so we can fix the issue. We provide quality roofing services that you can trust at affordable prices.

Our roof flashing is extremely reputable throughout and our services are available 24/7. We will examine your ceiling, and decide whether it needs a simple roof sealant or the whole roofing needs to be redone.