How to Install Gutter Guards

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer if you want to install gutter guards.”


Cleaning out the gutters can be a tedious chore, as it requires you to climb on the roof and remove all twigs and leaves stuck around. Doing chores have never been fun but are very important. Similarly cleaning your rain gutters are also very important to keep your house in good shape. The gutters present on your roof are built so that all the rain water gets collected in them and is drained away.

Rain gutters do not let the rain water accumulate around the foundations and prevents your basement from flooding. But they can only prevent that from happening if they are clean. If not cleaned, leaves and twigs can get stuck and cause obstruction to the flow of water. Eventually causing damage to your roof and mold problems in your house.

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofers if you want to install gutter guards.”

If you don’t find it comfortable frequently cleaning your rain gutters, you should install a gutter guard. Gutter guard is a device that stops all the debris and junk from clogging the gutters and let the rain downspout further away. A house is one of the most expensive investment one makes and therefore, must take necessary steps to protect it. So it is necessary for you to install gutter guards to protect your greatest asset.

Gutter guard are mainly available in three types, mesh screens, gutter fillers and surface tension units. Gutter installation depends on the amount of investment you are willing to put in. The cheapest option available is a gutter filler. The gutter filler is the best option if you are on a budget. It is designed such hat it fits inside an existing gutter where it block all the debris and allow water to flow down.

For the midrange customer mesh gutter screens are preferable which are very easy to install yourself and does not require outside gutter installation services. And lastly, there is surface tension gutter which fits over the gutter and is designed such that water runs straight in to the gutter throwing the debris over the edge.
If you intend to install gutter guards you need to take a few things in consideration. Firstly, you need to make sure that your gutter is clean of all the previous debris. You may have to thoroughly clean it and test it with a water hose. When done with cleaning, you need to take measurements of your gutter to get the gutter guard of the right size. Lastly, you need to have all the gutter cleaning tools along with you which includes screws, nails or pop rivets, power drill and screwdriver. 

Our company believes in reliable and professional solutions to your gutter needs. We are highly experienced in gutter repair and installation. It is much more troublesome to repair or install a new roof than to properly maintain your gutters. If gutter guards are not installed and the gutter is not cleaned roof and foundation may cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep your gutters clean and our company can help you with every step you need for that.