What is a Casement Window

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer if you want to install casement window. “


It is always refreshing to open up your windows and let the cool breeze in with some warmth of the sun kissing your cheeks and a soon you are ready to start off your day with a beautiful morning. All you need for this is to get a window that opens outwards with a little push and matches the aesthetics of your room. A window that is a wonderful addition to the artistic demeanor off your room that provides you with a wide, clear view of the outdoors which you can enjoy while sipping your morning coffee planning your day. The only window solution to have a morning like that is to have a casement window.

A casement window is basically a pair of frames that are attached with hinges from the outside. Most window casements open outwards but there are designs in which they can be opened inwards. Casement windows are a movable window design that has a frame made of wood or metal hinged vertically such that it can open outwards or inwards just as that of a door. They can be angled in the direction of wind to direct it into your homes. The design for such widows is not new but has a great importance in the architectural history from medieval times.

“It is highly recommended to seek professional help from reliable and well-reputed roofer if you want to install casement window.”

Casement windows are the best solution for natural ventilation, especially for regions of hot climate. Window casements enables you to control the ventilation of your building which makes it a very good choice for ventilation needs. They are mostly used at places that require maximum ventilation like kitchen, lounge or sunrooms, as they can easily provide with an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

These windows can open up to 90 degree angle therefore, can be cleaned easily from inside and outside from remaining inside of your home. The glass screen is placed inside the window panel, keeping it safe from bad weather conditions. The casement window sizes can differ according to your needs. These windows have a very tight seal that prevents it from any leaks they have very low leakage as compared to sliding windows when it comes to rainy and dusty seasons. They are good energy saving option to light up your room or place in the day.

The casement window parts include window frame, casing, sash, hinges, crank, stays and latches. A frame is the outer edge of the window that attaches to the wall. The frame is surrounded by a decorative design case called casing. The part that hold the glass panes in to the window frame is the sash which can be made of wood, metal, or plastics.

The other casement window part is the hinge. The hinge is placed on the sides of the sash that enables the widow to be opened or closed. The window rotates on these hinges. There are horizontal supports that are added to these windows to prevent the wind from turning it unnecessarily called stays. To secure the windows when it is closed, latches are added to it so the window does not open by itself or the wind. 

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